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Advocacy & Equity In Education


The UAA Advocates provide support and resource information to students and families by aligning and coordinating a consortium of key community stakeholders, programs and services to improve the quality of life for the family as a whole.


Individual assessment and educational equity plans.


Students and Families in the program are assigned an Advocate to ensure the students receive an equitable educational experience while meeting the A – G Requirements.


Our Advocates will focus on working with students and their parents with a special priority for students in the Promise Zone areas.


We understand the importance of early learning programs at the earliest stages of a child’s physical and cognitive development.  Therefore, our Advocates will also focus on assisting Parents with the enrollment of their children in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs.


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Family Academy


Our Family Academy is another exclusive and unique component within our Advocacy Network and Resource Program Initiative.  The Family Academy will educate parents and enable them to play an active, collaborative and supportive role in their child’s educational experience. 

Our Advocates, train and educate parents on how to advocate effectively in behalf of their children and understand their rights’ for successful and positive outcomes. 

The Family Academy features include:

  • Job Fairs and Training

  • Community resource support

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

  • College planning assistance

  • Parent/Guardian/Student field trips

  • Financial Aid workshops

UAA Achievement Tutors


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  1. Providing high quality tutorial services utilizing a culturally responsive pedagogy.

  2. Getting Parents/Guardians involved in providing assistance in homework by working with teachers to provide strategies to support this collaborative effort.

  3. Developing strong time-management skills.

  4. Mastering successful note-taking and test-taking strategies.

  5. Developing a virtual classroom component designed to deliver tutoring and extended learning course work.

Healthy ~ Minds~ Bodies & Spirit


UAA Health Initiative and commitment:

  • Facilitating and providing workshops that focus on youth and family health, exercise and nutritional education.
  • Family Health and Nutritional Education Program (developed by the UC Davis Health System and Kaiser) to provide information about healthy eating and the importance of early screening to combat childhood diseases and those diseases which research indicates are more prone to impact poor and minority communities.
  • The expected direct outcomes of the activities will increase early health screenings to combat childhood diseases, reduced “sick-days” and better health for youth, students and families.

UAA Sacramento NSBE Jr.

What is the Urban Advocates and Achievers (UAA) Sacramento NSBE Jr Chapter?

Is a Pre-College Initiative of the National Society of Black Engineers designed to increase the number of middle and high school students that elect to pursue higher education in STEM and/or other technical areas and is open to all students. 

The UAA, in partnership with SES Robotics, Inc., Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and the University of California, Davis (UCD), officially launched the UAA Sacramento NSBE Jr Chapter on October 25, 2019 for students in the Sacramento Region. Students have the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields and careers while participanting in monthly, year-round workshops and fieldtrips. 

Parents participate in monthly informational meetings in support of their students in areas about SAT, ACT, Financial Aid, Healthy Lifestyles, and students support resources and services.

The UAA Sacramento NSBE Jr Chapter offers an exciting opportunity for 6-12th graders to explore the STEM fields, and to assist students in completing the A-G curriculum required to enter the University of California or California State University systems.   We also promote educational advocacy, mentoring, tutoring opportunities, applied activities and research projects related to strengthening one’s understanding of science ( physics, chemistry, etc.) and mathematics.

NSBE Historical Overview

NSBE started at a national conference hosted at Purdue University Society of Black Engineers.  Forty-eight concerned students from the U.S. and Canada joined the Purdue students to establish an organization to help increase the number of African-American engineers and improve retention.

Since 1975 there are more than 35,700 members in the U.S., Africa, Asia,Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, NSBE is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the U.S.  NSBE now has 242 active chapters on college and university campuses, 82 NSBE Jr. chapters for middle and high school students, and 70 Alumni Extension chapters and interest groups and technical professionals.

Premier Partner


Community Partner


Urban Arts Initiative Project (UAIP)

  • The UAIP is a unique, vibrant, and comprehensive arts program designed to fulfill the K-12 Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) curriculum standards for California Public Schools. VAPA states that, “Achievement in the arts cultivates essential skills, such as problem solving, creative thinking, effective planning, time management, team work, effective communication, and an understanding of technology.” (source: California Department of Education)

  • The UAIP will serve our diverse audiences who have limited resources to engage in the arts.  More importantly, the UAIP offers participants dance training, spoken word, drumline, “Stomp-the-Yard”, STEM/STEAM and the creative arts experience.


Reservation for College Community Program


Our operating philosophy is that, “It takes a village to raise a child and community to uplift a family”.

  • The RCCP is a collaborative effort with the UAA, a Non-Profit 501 (C) (3) organization and lead by the Office of Campus Community Relations at UC Davis (OCCR).  

  • A distinguishing feature of the RCCP initiative is that it is designed to meet the needs of both the student and their family. 

  • The RCCP’s general focus is to address the academic achievement gap that persist in low income, minority communities and to increase the educational opportunities for these students in the educational pipeline from K-3 to higher education.

  • In joint efforts, UAA and the RCCP primary focus will be to increase the number of students who complete the California A – G curriculum and are UC eligible to attend a four-year college or university upon completion of high school.

  • The RCCP creates an educational contract with student participants in the program to successfully complete the program, are UC eligible and decide to enroll at UC Davis, then student participants will be provided with a scholarship to support the cost of their education.  UAA participants will be first priority for this program.

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