Our Programs

Advocacy Services

UAA Advocates are Education First Responders.  Each Parent/Student is assigned an Advocate to provide support, training, resources, and a Student Achiever Resource Plan (SARP) to achieve an equitable educational experience.  The SARP places students on the successful journey through the “Pipeline to College/Career Technical Opportunities”


UAA serves Pre-K through 12th grade, college students and parents.  In addition, the Advocate educates parents on how to advocate effectively on behalf of their children for successful and positive outcomes.




In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

UAA Advocates assists Parents with IHSS Services for their Children & assists Senior Citizens with IHSS Services for an improved quality of life.

Family Academy Program

The Family Academy educates parents and provides them with resources which enable them to play an active, collaborative, and supportive role in their child’s educational experience.  This program also provides families with community resource support, financial literacy, Job Training and “Re- Tooling”, along with personal development opportunities all aimed at improving family economic sustainability.


Reservation For College

Community Program

       Under development and coming in 2022/2023


           Achievement Tutor Programs
Tutoring is a critical component of student success and building confidence.  UAA Achievement Tutors help students with Reading, Math, Writing, Language Arts, Algebra, Geometry, History, Science, Chemistry and World Languages.
Achievement Tutors assist students with test taking strategies, homework review/organization and successful study habits.  Our student tutorial services are comprised of various educational platforms and components to help our students achieve maximum success! In addition, our program provides high quality tutorial services utilizing a culturally responsive pedagogy.



UAA has a phenomenal STEM/STEAM program and is also designated as a chapter member by the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  UAA’s chapter name is the UAA Sacramento NSBE Jr Chapter.


The general focus is to address the minimal access and information about STEM/STEAM programs and career paths for underserved minority communities and to increase the educational opportunities for these students in the educational pipeline.  Students participate in informational workshops, various hands-on projects, and college field trips all aimed at ensuring that students are able to be creative and energized in visualizing their role in a variety of STEM/STEAM careers.

Personal Growth & Development Program

Our Achievement Mentors serve as positive roles models for students.  The Achievement Mentors help parent and student mentees with developing and achieving their goals for academic, career and personal development.


Urban Arts Program

A unique, vibrant, and comprehensive arts program designed to expose students to a creative arts experience.  It has been shown that achievement in the arts cultivates essential skills, such as problem solving, creative thinking, effective planning, time management, team work, effective communication, and an understanding of technology (Department of Education)  Students are able to participate in a variety of art experiences such as drumline, dance, spoken word, and art.

Healthy Minds & Bodies Program

This program is aimed at helping our communities to increase early health screenings, combat childhood diseases, reduce “sick-days” and better the overall health of our student and families.  To this aim, UAA facilitates and provides workshops and activities that focus on youth and family health, exercise, and nutritional education.