Advocacy Services

We provide advocacy and assistance for students and collaborate with parents, school staff members and administrators at all levels to meet t.he educational needs of students in the Achievement Gap or struggling in school.  We provide access to the Arts and extended day learning and year round learning opportunities


Find out if your student is in the Achievement Gap, and why this is important for you to know, and how we can help.

If your student is receiving C-, D's and/or F's and/or if your student's school is in program improvement, contact us immediately.

We collaborate with students, parents, school staff, and administrators to improve communication, create accommodations, and equity plans.

We attend parent meetings, conferences and/or represent students.

We monitor student progress to improve grades and test scores.

We create partnerships with school districts, community organizations, colleges, universities city, county, state, federal municipalities.



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Parent Advocacy & Student Advocacy Services for Pre-K through 12th Grade & College up to age 26

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