Tutoring Services

Does your child struggle in Math, Reading, English Language Arts, Algebra or other academic subjects?

We can help improve

Is your child academically performing below and far below basic?

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Life Skills Program

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What is Most Important To You And Your Family?

Critical Thinking Skills.

Problem Solving Skills.

Creating & Accomplishing Goals.

Money Management Skills.

Time Management & Prioritizing.

Healthy Lifestyles: Body & Mind.

Technology Skills.

Office Business Skills.

Inspirational & Positive Thinking.

Handling Disappointment.

Communication Skills.

Leadership Skills.

Million Dollar Mastermind Workshops.


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Advocacy Services

We provide advocacy and assistance for students and collaborate with parents, school staff members and administrators at all levels to meet t.he educational needs of students in the Achievement Gap or struggling in school.  We provide access to the Arts and extended day learning and year round learning opportunities

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